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ULKA is a reliable battery additive manufacturer & Supplier offering a wide range of chemical solutions to optimize the performance of the batteries. Battery plates have to be strong so that the batteries have an extended life. Our wonder product-Ulka Power Flow is an amazing product for all types of pasted plates


We offer battery chemicals that are specially designed to improve different characteristics of the battery plate like binding strength, smoothness of paste and porosity. Our specialized chemicals make an anti corrosive layer over the grid so as to keep corrosion away thereby leading to a better performance. Let your batteries last longer and work efficiently by adding Ulka Power Flow to the batteries. Formation of sulphate crystals retard the movement of electricty in the battery. Usage of Ulka Power Flow leads to elimination of sulphation and shedding making the battery deliver a smooth function.

A Wonder Battery Chemical from 'ULKA' for all types of pasted plates of batteries. When added in prescribed quantity it helps in many ways-

  1. Increase binding strength of the plate to the grid structure

  2. Helps to avoid cracks in pasted plates

  3. Helps to improve the smoothness of the paste for easy pasting either by Machine or by hand

  4. Helps to form an anti-corrosive layer on grid structure which resist corrosion of the Grid/Plates without affecting Porosity/Continuity

  5. Eliminate shedding by almost 95%

  6. Increase the porosity of the plate for better circulation.

  7. Helps Eliminate Sulphation.

  8. Helps to enhance Deep cycle characteristic.

Usage Procedures- to be used in all standard/pasted plates i.e. Positive and Negative both, Maintain ratio 34 ml added to DM water prepared for 100 kgs of oxide paste.

Power Flow is the best Battery Chemical to secure and enhance the Battery Plate Life.

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