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ULKA Negative Pre-blended is a trusted pre-blended battery chemical used for negative plates of the battery. This wonder chemical optimizes the performance of the negative plate leading to an increased life of the battery. Keeping up with the increasing demands of power requirements in household and industrial applications, many features of the batteries need to be improved.

Our negative pre-blended chemicals enhance the capacity and performance of the batteries. Choose Ulka Negative Pre-blended and raise the efficiency of your batteries.

Its an innovative blend of international negative chemicals in ratios strictly followed by the giants in the industry has more than 9 negative chemicals which are developed by ulka r&d in close collaboration with technocrats of repute not only from India but abroad too.

Usage procedures- To be used in all negative plate mixes, while using preblended discontinue use of separate any negative chemicals except Dynel fibre, maintain ratio 1.8% to 2% added to lukewarm water prepared for the paste

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