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ULKA offers Ulka Gold which is a specialized battery chemical for the positive plates of the battery. Addition of this product improves the deep cycle characteristics of the battery. It also elongates the life cycle by 20-25%. Take the performance of the battery to the next level by using Ulka Gold that offers a golden touch to the batteries. Our positive plate battery chemicals are made from fine quality chemicals and thus offer a high performance. 

Be it tubular or automotive batteries, our chemicals upgrade their life cycle to many folds. Using Ulka Gold, backup of the inverter batteries increases and they are able to withstand deep cycling operations with ease. In case of automotive batteries the shelf life increases and hence the batteries deliver high efficiency in all weather conditions.

ULKA GOLD for all positive plates. It is another breakthrough product from the house of ULKA. A Miracle When used in the positive mixture helps in many ways-

  1. When added to tubular positive increases back up by 10-15%

  2. When added to E. Rickshaw positive mixture increases backup resulting in 10-15% increase in deep cycle characteristics.

  3. When added to Automotive positive mix it helps to enhance shelf life increase in Cold-cranking

  4. Life Cycle Increased to 20 to 25%


Usage Procedure- In tubular dry mix ULKA GOLD @3% and in standard/pasted positive plates and dry mix with oxide @2%

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