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ULKA presents to you-Ulka Cure which is a specialized battery chemical for tubular batteries. Get increased backup and long life by adding our product to the positive plates. Make the batteries work to their maximum potential and increase the battery life and performance. 

 In areas where power cuts are frequent, batteries need to work efficiently and thus tubular batteries are preferred.Undergoing deep cycling operations, the batteries lose a lot of active material too thereby leading to decreased performance of the battery. Our tubular battery chemical-Ulka Cure powers up the positive plate of the battery and lends higher backup to combat the power cuts.

ULKA CURE is a breakthrough product from the house of ULKA, the best Battery Chemical Manufacturers in India for Tubular Battery Plates. When used in tubular positive plates give extra backup 10-15% and extra life cycle of about 25%.the same product, when used in standard pasted plates, enhances battery shelf life ie it limits self-discharge and greatly increased cold-cranking performance.

Usage procedures- To be used in all Standard/Pasted plates i.e. Positive and Negative both, Maintain ratio 34 ml added to dm water prepared for 100 kgs of oxide paste.

ULKA CURE is used by Top Battery Manufacturers in India

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