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ULKA Chemicals

Serving with


Chemicals Blend

from 45 Years

India's Leading Specialized Battery Chemical Co.

ULKA an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, The Leaders in specialized battery chemicals are serving the battery industry for the last 45 years not only in India but its wings are spread across the globe and is the most preferred company when it comes to chemicals in Nepal, Bangladesh, Muscat, Bhutan, and the list is endless. Ulka with their experiences and expertise engages a team of battery technocrats and before any product is launched massive and extensive trials are done for years in-house R&D.

Ulka is a leading battery chemical supplier in Kolkata. We offer high quality battery chemicals to improve the performance of your batteries. Our battery additives enhance backup, lifecycle, cold cranking performance and limits self discharge of the batteries. 

The battery industry has to match up with the rising demands of the customers and changes in the technology. Hence the batteries that are designed must possess innovative features so that they can fulfill the power requirements of the customers in the best possible way. 

We provide a specialized range of chemicals for the positive and negative plates of the battery that will aid in taking the efficiency of the battery to the next level. 
As a trusted battery Chemical Manufacturers in India for 45 years, we have been delivering perfect chemical blends that optimize the potential of your batteries. We offer a wide range of chemicals that are specifically designed for the negative, positive and tubular plates.


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